A Word for Sarah Rouette

It’s been just a little while since HM1 Sean Dustman (Doc in the Box) introduced me to his sister’s blog, Drink Water and Breathe. Sarah was a young single mother of two boys who, during her workup for breast cancer, was discovered to also have ovarian cancer.

I say she was because she didn’t quite make it to her thirty-ninth birthday despite her very best efforts to fight on in any and every way that she could. Chemo? Bring it. Radiation? Let’s get it on. More and more and more metastases to bones, lungs, brain? Give her a minute on her mountain bike and she’d be back at it. All she had to do was remember to “Drink Water and Breathe.”

I don’t know that only the good die young, but she was one of the best and she did.

Oorah, Sarah. Best wishes for fair winds and following seas.

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One Response to A Word for Sarah Rouette

  1. Sean says:

    Thanks Harold, your words mean a lot to me.