Thinking about celebrity

I wasn’t going to post this because I’ve already posted today, but then I told myself to shut up and type because hardly anyone reads this blog anyway.

Lance Armstrong. I know who he is. He used to ride a bicycle for a living and made a shitload of money doing it, and it turns out that he cheated or doped to accomplish that.

The whole thing is stupid. He’s stupid and we’re stupid for being distracted by any of this. Okay, maybe not stupid; but, really, are our lives so together and in order and on point that we have leftover give-a-damn for Lance Armstrong, Duchess Kate’s fetus, or anyone named Kardashian?

Are there sources of information that don’t litter the environment with gossip about people and stuff I never should have heard of?

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4 Responses to Thinking about celebrity

  1. Rain Trueax says:

    More people will read it if you post more often because every time you do post, it’s worth reading 😉

    And I agree about this. It’s publicity for Oprah and him that neither deserve. I am disgusted with him for enjoying those years of celebrity, then when finally caught, he gives off with an apology and doubtless hopes for more celebrity. He’s a liar and a fake and doesn’t deserve our time of day. I sure won’t watch her interview and will be glad when the news finally drops it all. He should do his best to live a good life where he is and quit seeking the limelight. He will have a hard enough time getting those near him to ever trust him again let alone anybody in the world with half a brain.

  2. Kay Dennison says:

    I’m so weary of this.

  3. Kay Dennison says:

    Sorry. It’s just that after the crap going on here in Ohio, Armstrong’s drama seems pretty idiotic. The ex is a big fan of bicycle racing and I might just ask him what he knows.

    My son the swimming coach, when he got his new job, discovered that there was a drug problem within the men’s team and it was his job to fix it. Now the guys have a problem: their coach is zero tolerance for that. And the team has improved greatly since he laid down the law.

  4. Harold says:

    Gibbs’ Rule #6, Miss Kay!
    There’s a general failure of accountability for which our generation bears some responsibility. “Winning is all that counts” and “Everyone is doing it” and the only crime is in getting caught. Lance Armstrong and Steubenville aren’t the problem; they’re the result of the problem: lack of personal ethics and accountability.