Why does he have to be so damned accommodating?

One of my peeves with the President is his tendency to make concessions where no concessions are called for. These can be trivial, such as “proving” that he has in fact shot skeet, or possibly quite damaging, such as violating the First Amendment by conceding a non-existent right of religion to be exempt from laws they don’t like.

The issue is 11,078 homicides by firearm in 2010 (from CDC). My question is whether or not it should at least as difficult to buy a gun as it is to buy Sudafed. I couldn’t care less whether or not the President is a gun enthusiast. Now we’re back in the “birther” rut where people are raising their voices over total bullshit instead of focusing that energy on the real problem. Thank you for that, Mr. President. For future reference, the appropriate response to that type of challenge is not engagement but a simple “Fuck you.”

A N.Y. Times editorial characterizes the President’s concession to religious groups on health care coverage as “A Good Compromise” despite noting that:

Neither the Constitution nor Supreme Court precedents give religiously affiliated institutions the right to be exempted from a neutral law of general applicability.

The Affordable Healthcare Act presently does not violate the First Amendment in any way, shape, or form; however, carving out exemptions to accommodate religious objections would.

I’m a little sensitive to the issue of health care vis-à-vis reproductive rights because I worked for a Catholic healthcare organization for a number of years through 2009, and tip-toeing around terminations of pregnancy and in-vitro fertilizations was a pain in the neck. Then there was the whole exception process (not unlike nullification of marriages) where one must prove that the contraceptive is for acne or (even more difficult) that the Cialis is necessary for recovery from prostate surgery. Setting all of that aside, they were an employer of Americans of all ethnicities and cultures and what-have-you, and they had to deal with it. They still should.

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3 Responses to Why does he have to be so damned accommodating?

  1. Rain Trueax says:

    On the gun thing, he will never convince ‘them’ no matter what he does. I think the problem was he loosely said something about an activity he enjoys when asked about shooting a gun. Then they said he was a liar and again he had to prove he was not. This was a lose lose once he answered that question on whether he had ever shot a gun. No more interview show? lol

    On the contraception and his trying to be too accommodating, I agree. He keeps trying to get along and there is no way. He needs a Congress that is controlled by Dems who really are Dems. Unfortunately when it looked like he had such a Congress, he actually had Dems who were Blue Dogs. Most of them are gone to tea party Republicans. Losing in ’10 hurts with ever getting a House majority but it’s what it’ll take for Obama to be able to even make appointments. By a one million majority, people voted for that. I think this dividing up the spoils after an election into districts that are easy wins ought to be challenged in the Supreme Court… of course they also are partisan but really national voting regulations should be the same everywhere and districts should be divided by non-partisan groups based on geography not where it’s a guaranteed win for the party in power.

  2. Harold says:

    Rain, I wish I shared your impression that it comes down to Republicans or Democrats. I don’t think we’ll get off this seesaw until neither party seats a majority and they’re forced to compromise, and that’s still years away. Until then I think the President is smart to speak directly to us. I wouldn’t give you a nickel for any politician who follows a party line without checking with me first. Unfortunately, that’s about five cents more than Patrick McHenry (R-NC10) is worth.

  3. Kay Dennison says:

    I have long said that whoever taught Obama to “play nice with the other kids” did their job too well. The other kids, in this case, aren’t nice so all bets are off! I am petrified.
    I live month to month and miniscule breathing room I have is shrinking.