Is Jimmy Coming Out?

You may -but probably do not- know that Jimmy Carter is one of a couple of well-publicized people I think I’d like to have coffee with.

In 1976 the guy who brought us home while leaving the South Vietnamese to their fate had recently resigned from office, and the guy who pardoned him lost the election to Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter was looking pretty good except that his commitment to his faith was widely known. Welcoming home those who chose not to serve their country was a little hurtful, but the thing I was never comfortable with was his overt religious commitment. On the other hand I don’t believe he ever played me or lied to me and I respected that.

Well, now I read that he’s leaving his church because he feels they have distorted and misrepresented the Bible to promote and preserve gender inequality. (This reminded me of Rain Trueax’ recent post and using the Lord’s name in vain.) I see his lips moving, I know he’s religious, I hear him call bullshit on organized Christianity. What is up with that? Does it matter?

This is why I wanted to sit down with the guy. He struck me as a guy I could relate to, but sometimes he made no sense. Now he’s repudiating what I took to be source of much of what made no sense.

I’m still not okay with giving those who fled their country to avoid wartime service a pass.

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2 Responses to Is Jimmy Coming Out?

  1. delaine zody says:

    My husband and I left a church, after 40 years of membership, because we felt the congregants had made a pact with the devil. It was a hard thing to do, I guess like leaving a marriage, but we saw no other way to keep our sanity. Perhaps Jimmy Carter has reached that point, too.

  2. Wally Blue says:

    Jimmy Carter is an honest man. Honesty is not a welcome trait in politics or religious fundamentalism. I too have left the church because contemporary religion is preaching an unrecognizable Gospel and have entangled themselves in an unholy alliance with politicians. Jimmy Carter’s book Our Endangered Values is an excellent explanation of his views on religion and politics.