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Thoughts on Journalism

I’ve had quite a bit of time to reflect this week as the media strove mightily to wring the last possible second of screen time out of the Boston Marathon bombing and its sequelae. It occurred to me that ours … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Difference

Among the things I enjoy about working with the animals at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue is their apparent lack of awareness of their differences. The biggest thing is their lack of any guile, but this is pretty high up there. When … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Kay!

There are folks who are so articulate in their comments that you just know they should be bloggers. Kay (of Kay’s Thinking Cap) was like that; plus, she’s passionate and a committed activist for issues she cares about. She makes … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Ronni

Sending out especially good thoughts this morning for Ronni Bennett at Time Goes By. It turns out that blogging is another thing at which I’m not very good or reliable, but she is no less a blogging hero and role … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Life

I’ve been following a conversation regarding whether or not it’s time it’s time for someone to kill their aging and infirm cat and it struck me that the whole thing feels wrong. Nelson Mandela is 94 years old and people … Continue reading

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