Looking Ahead

I feel as though I’ve said this before, however, the overwhelming problem I see with a two-party system of government is that, in order to have any voice in government, one must align with one party or the other. The result, predictably, is as we saw in the 2016 General Election when about 25% of registered voters went Republican, about 25% went Democrat, and about 40% said, in effect, to hell with it and didn’t vote at all. For the record, I have a bit of a grudge against the 40% who didn’t vote at all.

With only 70 weeks left until the Mid-Term Election, I’m hoping to find one or two candidates for Duncan Hunter’s Congressional seat who are not committed to either major party. I believe government can only serve as intended when no single party has a legislative majority. I want them to always need to collaborate outside of their own party. Until then they have no incentive to adopt a moderate position on anything.

48 weeks before the California Primary Election, 5 candidates have declared for the 50th Congressional District as Democrats. Republican Duncan Hunter may be holding off his declaration until he knows for sure whether or not he’s going to jail for misappropriation of campaign funds.

I don’t see any Democrat winning this District, but if anyone could it might be Josh Butner. He’s a Warrior which plays well here, a retired Lieutenant Commander Navy SEAL If I’m being candid, a guy like that who’s retired to a small ranch in East County doesn’t say “Man of the People” to me, but it should play well in this District.  https://joshbutnerforcongress.com/

Glenn Jensen, as a former Republican who felt the need to convert, is kind of interesting to me. I’m a little sad that he converted to a Democrat, but I can listen to him.  Having said that, with a background as an anti-war protester going back to my day, he hasn’t got a prayer. https://votejensen.com/

Pete Beauregard, bless his heart, looks like at least a half-dozen politicians I never liked and a couple of whom went to jail. That isn’t being completely fair to him, and I should listen to what he has to say for himself. He was a Navy Corpsman back in the day and appears to have continued to serve his fellow man as well as himself.  http://beauregard4congress.com/

Gloria Chadwick is already a career quasi-government bureaucrat having spent the last 18 years directing a community hospital district. After quickly scanning her website I see that she’s opposed to Duncan Hunter and appears to be sincere in her commitment to public service (whatever that means).  http://www.gloriachadwickforcongress.com/

Ammar Campa-Najjar seems to be highlighting his minority background. That’s not a deal-breaker for me, but neither is it the first thing on my wish list.  More to the point, this is a pretty conservative district and those “Yes We Can” references will probably put him behind the Green candidate if there is one.  https://www.campacampaign.com/

I am not going to run for Congress so don’t even start with that. I’ll work for somebody I believe in, but I am not a front man.

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4 Responses to Looking Ahead

  1. Rain Trueax says:

    I agree. I am depressed by both parties. Most of us are in the middle and vote one way or the other as we lean left or right. It is not currently a healthy system and how the parties push to get what they want isn’t about caring about us.

  2. Rain Trueax says:

    One other thought I had is my total disillusion with the media. CNN is having a cow over a video that shows Trump doing a body slam of CNN from an old video where it was a wrestler. Somebody turned it into a parody and CNN and other mainstream media is claiming this incites violence against them. Since when is wrestling not a sport? Why is a play okay that shows Trump being murdered as Caesar? How about that severed head that they didn’t consider that big a deal? Or all the comedians who joke about him dying? And yet being wrestled to the ground, that’s violence? Whether someone dislikes Trump or what he does, there is no way to get around the total bias of most of the media. When I wanted to find an article that went into what the voter roll requests might mean to us, I had to go beyond mainstream to Economic Insider to find the simple facts. I used to trust newspapers and now every article has a slam attached. I would like to know if there is a news source out there that isn’t biased either right or left? And since when did that get to be their job? I thought that belonged on editorial pages– not the front page.

  3. Harold says:

    Again, I see our loss of objective media as an offshoot of our abdication of responsibility. We are generally unwilling to pay for journalism so it has been rolled into the entertainment divisions and is presented as entertainment to their targeted audiences.
    I’ve noticed several times recently that our local news will be preempted by a basketball game or anything else the network thinks will sell better. The network “news” is at least half media or sports coverage.
    We don’t want the truth! We can’t handle the truth!
    “panem et circenses”

  4. Rain Trueax says:

    I think our problem is discerning what is the truth. And when we no longer have an objective media, willing to just give us the facts, where can we get it? Most, I think, today go to a site that tells them what they ‘want’ to hear and think they are getting the news. Or they’ve gotten so disillusioned by what is called news today that they avoid them all.

    Out here, I can’t get a paper delivered; so for a long time, I’ve gone online to get news. I have in the past paid for the NYTimes but wouldn’t think of it today given how it puts out its news with a constant barrage of putting down or ridiculing Trump before maybe the last page in an article finally says the headline is unproven. I got down on them during the primary for that and time after time, not just rarely. I am not a fan of Trump, didn’t vote for him, but it wasn’t up to them to constantly bombard me with their own version of fake news. I know people on FB, who regularly report from a couple of total fake news sites. Unfortunately, some of the newspapers online, report what those sites say also and call it news…

    It used to be main pages were news and opinions were reserved for the ‘opinion’ page. Now the opinions are woven into the news and it’s frustrating to me as some trust a paper like Washington Post, owned now by Bezos, to tell them what’s going on. They will instead get what Bezos wants them to thinka bout what’s going on. Part of the news cut to say what the paper’s agenda wants it to look like. It’s no wonder people turn it all of. For me, I got a variety of sites but trust little from the major newspapers, which is why I won’t be paying them.