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Continuing Good Thoughts

6/30 Update – Theresa’s biopsy is scheduled for 8AM in whatever time zone Fort Worth is in.  The pathology report won’t be back until Monday. Continuing to keep good thoughts for Roger and for my kids’ mother.  Roger’s specimens are … Continue reading

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Keeping Good Thoughts

Today I am keeping good thoughts for Roger and for all who love him and for all who come into contact with him today as he undergoes and recovers from a colectomy and resection this morning starting at about 10:30 … Continue reading

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60th Anniversary of the Beginning of the Korean War

I am mindful that sixty years ago today President Truman ordered U.S. forces to defend the Republic of Korea from the North Korean invasion.  For the first time in our history – but not the last – we were ordered … Continue reading

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Article 88. Contempt Toward Officials

Being an officer in the Armed Forces of the United States is tough.  It’s not meant to be a profession for the faint of heart.  It also calls for a degree of political correctness that I have never had.  As … Continue reading

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Pipe Dreams?

This morning I saw this piece titled “Obama’s Energy Pipe Dreams” from Robert Samuelson on MSNBC, and I felt compelled to comment here.  Mr. Samuelson states that the President’s speech was largely self-serving and that his vision for weaning our … Continue reading

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World Humanist Day

Yesterday morning I noticed that today would be World Humanist Day, and that set me off to find out what that was about.  It turns out that there is an IHEU and an AHA, which is different from the AEU, … Continue reading

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A Restart

I’ve been thinking about about my blog. I like my blog.  I hold to its original premises:  to always question, to think as independently as possible; but it’s basically anonymous, and it’s… well, it’s overblown.  Sometimes I have something significant … Continue reading

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