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A Word for SPC Clifford Ray Dudley and LCPL Dennis Ray Ashley

These two men have by now been laid to rest at the Coastal Bend State Veterans Cemetery in Corpus Christi on November 10, 2016. Neither man had a next-of-kin or any known family so the community, via at least 2 … Continue reading

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Another Year, Another Post

Today is my blogiversary – seven years off and on, here and there – and I want to mark that. I have things I could have written about; but I just don’t hold out a lot of hope that it would … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Chaplains and Religion in the Military

I was a little put off with the stories on consecutive days about whether or not military chaplains would/could/should perform same-sex marriages in base chapels. I don’t see a particular need for military chaplains to perform marriages at all, and … Continue reading

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About Capt. Honors’ Situation

I’m not about to apologize for Capt. Honors; that’s all on him. I will say that I think he’s being swift-boated. Apparently, four years ago, during the process of making a series of videos for General Military Training, he made … Continue reading

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