Thoughts on Our Perception of Reality

All across the world – where such things are permitted – there are demonstrations against the outcome of Tuesday’s election. It came to me that people appear to believe that throwing a hissy actually works, possibly because it has worked for them in the past. Then it came to me that the Greatest Generation went on to become the worst possible parents.

As I thought about this it came to me that Americans born during and soon after the Wilson administration would have lived in a somewhat Trump-esque world of haves and have-nots shortly to survive the Great Depression and then World War II. It was entirely natural that they would have tried mightily to protect their children from lives such as they might have experienced, but it left us weak. My generation, in turn, came to believe that it was not only possible but our entitlement to “have it all.”

There’s a big ongoing discussion on Stoic messaging about when it is appropriate to begin teaching children principles of Stoic philosophy. When is it appropriate to teach a child that, over a lifetime, wisdom and virtue are preferable to hedonistic pursuits? When they begin to walk? When they begin to speak? When their parents were born? I can only shake my head; I’ve already fucked that up and passed it on.

It’s about to get real.

For better or for worse, the process worked and the United States has elected a new President who has a Republican-led legislative branch and a Conservative judicial branch. The President-elect has said that it’s time now to heal our divisions and unite for the common cause despite the campaign just completed on his behalf and for his benefit, and despite the realization that he has never – not by word or deed or perhaps even thought – demonstrated any prior inclination to do so himself.

It’s a little late for hissy fits.

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4 Responses to Thoughts on Our Perception of Reality

  1. Rain Trueax says:

    Having voted on issues, not emotions, I wasn’t emotionally invested in who won. I will not like what he does but the right didn’t like what Obama did either. It’s all about elections having meaning or something like that. The ones calling for revolt now are immature and definitely need to take a chill pill ;). We’ve lived through Presidents who did everything the opposite of what we wanted– GW Bush immediately comes to mind. Just work harder and maybe make sure your party doesn’t cheat to get its candidate. That leave a bad taste afterward.

  2. Harold says:

    Sanders vs Trump would have been a much more engaging contest.

  3. Joared says:

    “It’s a little late for hissy fits”. — you can say that again. In fact, they may well be playing right into our new leaders plans, especially if the innocents create violence — or others do as is likely happening.

  4. Cop Car says:

    In order to teach a philosophy, we must live by its tenets. Progeny pick up what the parents do, quite handily.