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Lives Matter

I believe that nature is cyclical, that history does tend to repeat itself, but I don’t believe that it is inevitable that the same mistakes must be repeated time after time. I believe that, as sentient and rational beings, we … Continue reading

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Trivial Pursuit

I find it disturbing that so many of us seem to believe that entertainment is the most important aspect of our experience. I’ve been listening to the coverage of the absence of people of color among Oscar nominees. At first I … Continue reading

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I Think We’re Over-Thinking or Not Thinking At All

Okay, about all of this killing we’re doing… and I totally get that it’s different when we kill them, but I bet it doesn’t feel different to the ones being killed. First I think we need to look in the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on violence in our culture

I am mindful that we are, at our core, omnivorous territorial predatory mammals. We believe – we hope actually – that we are civilized enough to live in communities, but I wonder whether or not we really are. I was … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Life

I’ve been following a conversation regarding whether or not it’s time it’s time for someone to kill their aging and infirm cat and it struck me that the whole thing feels wrong. Nelson Mandela is 94 years old and people … Continue reading

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Living for the Moment

I saw this piece in the Times yesterday about kids foregoing college to work in oil extraction in some of the most beautiful country on Earth. (A subjective assessment; so sue me.) One young man (19) was quoted as saying: “I just … Continue reading

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How a Bigot Comes Off Like a Victim: A Chik-Fil-A Sale-abration

Folks around here have been talking a lot about Chick-Fil-A and Dan Cathy’s statement to some religious tabloid about his opinion against same-sex marriage, and it’s getting a little old for me.  Mr. Cathy is in the business of selling … Continue reading

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This isn’t the post I’ve been working on

but I wanted to share it. I don’t know how many of you don’t get Bill Moyer on your local PBS station – we don’t – but he had Jonathan Haidt on to talk about how our political parties have … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the Debt Rating Process

Maybe I understand what’s happening with our debt rating and maybe I don’t. It kind of sounds to me as though Standard & Poor’s, which I believe has benefited from our assistance in the not too distant past, has decided … Continue reading

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Musing on Passionate Atheism

Here’s the thing that I don’t get  about activist atheists: why do they care so much? I understand theists being passionate in defense of their irrational beliefs. Life is hard and death is (at least) intimidating. In order to avoid … Continue reading

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