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It’s a thin line between skepticism and cynicism.

It occurs to me that I crisscross between skepticism (which I embrace) and cynicism nowadays. I seem to have always questioned the truth of just about everything; but lately I feel like I’m more frequently doing so with a preconception … Continue reading

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Thinking about celebrity

I wasn’t going to post this because I’ve already posted today, but then I told myself to shut up and type because hardly anyone reads this blog anyway. Lance Armstrong. I know who he is. He used to ride a … Continue reading

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Thinking about guns

It’s probably natural, given the noise about guns, that my thoughts have turned to whether or not I “need” weapons to protect my home (Max and myself). I’m not a sharpshooter so I’ve been thinking in terms of a shotgun … Continue reading

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Speaking of Mandatory Flu Shots

This is another topic where my skepticism rears its ugly head. I don’t have anything against Art Caplan, and I’m sure his knowledge of the history and philosophy of science is above average; however, if the “renowned bioethicist” has a … Continue reading

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A Word for Skeptics Day

I’m not going to go on about rubber duckies today on Rubber Ducky Day (You’re welcome);  but I do want to reflect a bit on skepticism. Nature or nurture? This is a bit outside of my comfort zone because it … Continue reading

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A Word for Sarah Rouette

It’s been just a little while since HM1 Sean Dustman (Doc in the Box) introduced me to his sister’s blog, Drink Water and Breathe. Sarah was a young single mother of two boys who, during her workup for breast cancer, … Continue reading

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