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About Capt. Honors’ Situation

I’m not about to apologize for Capt. Honors; that’s all on him. I will say that I think he’s being swift-boated. Apparently, four years ago, during the process of making a series of videos for General Military Training, he made … Continue reading

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A couple of posts ago, I mentioned the discussion group I’ve been attending on Sundays.  Yesterday’s topic was “What is a friend?”   I went largely from curiosity because I feel as though I know very little about friendship, and it … Continue reading

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I’m not big on retrospection, but…

At this time last year I was getting underway from Kingman, AZ, after just a few hours of sleep. I had pulled out of Rowland Heights at about 5pm on New Years Eve, determined that I would be out of … Continue reading

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