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Is Jimmy Coming Out?

You may -but probably do not- know that Jimmy Carter is one of a couple of well-publicized people I think I’d like to have coffee with. In 1976 the guy who brought us home while leaving the South Vietnamese to … Continue reading

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Openly Secular?

I put a daily almanac up on Facebook for no other reason than that it amuses me, and I noticed that Thursday is Openly Secular Day. It didn’t make the cut for my almanac since I was already out over 430 … Continue reading

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This is what tripped my trigger.

You people all enjoy your Mexican “holiday” tomorrow; there’s plenty of time for you to figure out how to deport them starting Sunday. Let’s think for a minute about Chen Guancheng. Here’s a blind kid from out in the boonies … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Chaplains and Religion in the Military

I was a little put off with the stories on consecutive days about whether or not military chaplains would/could/should perform same-sex marriages in base chapels. I don’t see a particular need for military chaplains to perform marriages at all, and … Continue reading

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Musing on Passionate Atheism

Here’s the thing that I don’t get  about activist atheists: why do they care so much? I understand theists being passionate in defense of their irrational beliefs. Life is hard and death is (at least) intimidating. In order to avoid … Continue reading

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I Don’t Understand the Anger

Seriously, I don’t think about religion very much.  I remember it, I don’t believe in it, I don’t think about it.  Some of my friends and acquaintenances, who obviously have stronger feelings about religion than I do, forward e-mails to … Continue reading

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World Humanist Day

Yesterday morning I noticed that today would be World Humanist Day, and that set me off to find out what that was about.  It turns out that there is an IHEU and an AHA, which is different from the AEU, … Continue reading

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