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Thoughts on Entitlement

Day before yesterday, Sunday, a friend I know to be kind and generous reposted the screed about how it makes no sense that we provide assistance to “others” while “our own” have unmet needs, and it hurt my heart. I … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Politics

I want to vote for Hillary, but I can’t in a primary. Do you see that political grid over to the right? I’m about as midde-of-the-road as it gets given the issues before us. I recognize that Bernie Sanders, a … Continue reading

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I Think We’re Over-Thinking or Not Thinking At All

Okay, about all of this killing we’re doing… and I totally get that it’s different when we kill them, but I bet it doesn’t feel different to the ones being killed. First I think we need to look in the … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Getting Angry

I choose not to waste my life being angry. This morning I – with several thousand of my closest friends – got an e-mail from telling me that it was time for me get angry and support a federal … Continue reading

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Donald Who?

I am reminded once again of how topsy-turvy our priorities can be. Donald Stirling or Sterling who apparently owns a local basketball team allegedly made some racist remarks on a tape made by his ex-girlfriend. As terrible as that is, … Continue reading

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