Admitting That I’ve Moved

I haven’t said anything about leaving Western North Carolina in May, and moving back to Los Angeles County.  A couple of folks have asked me if I’m dying or something along that line; and, of course, that is my destiny, but that’s not why I moved back.

I miss the work I was doing back there – I think a lot of it was good – and I miss the mountains every single day. I miss people with whom I became close. The fact is that I have family and people and a forty three year history in California, and I feel this is where I ought to be.

I miss the Western Carolinas Region of the American Red Cross. It is already such an achievement by and for some really incredible people who were completely unknown to me less than four years ago. I’ll miss hurricanes and tornadoes and storms (I’m a disaster services volunteer), but the simple structure of this thing is a piece of art. Volunteers going out in the day or night to assist people who’ve experienced the worst is what we do, but they’ve spanned cultures and ideologies and boundaries of all sorts and they’ve made it work over and over and over again. Awesome.

I miss Brother Wolf Animal Rescue and the opportunity to work with some beautiful animals and the dedicated people committed to finding homes for all of those beautiful animals. I could go on and on, but I should stop. It hurts my heart when I read of a dog (or cat) in need of a transport, and I’m not there anymore.

I’m back at work with the LA Region of the Red Cross, mostly with the San Gabriel Pomona Valley offices, working with Disaster Action Teams and training Disaster Responders. I feel like I’m making a difference. It is enough for now.

One is not born into the world to do everything but to do something.   –   Henry David Thoreau


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2 Responses to Admitting That I’ve Moved

  1. Rain Trueax says:

    It sounds like you have solid reasons for what you’ve done. I know the feeling of loving two places that are over a thousand miles apart. It’s a good thing to know there is more than one place we can be happy and the other just has to be in our memory when we cannot be there.

  2. Wally Blue says:

    Thank you for your services there in North Carolina. I’m sure the Red Cross team there in California are happy to have you. I spent my teenage years in the San Gabriel Valley in La Puente. I actually attended the Los Altos High School Class of ’63 50th reunion this past May. I lived in Pomona for 7 years. We moved to Oklahoma 34 years ago and I still miss that area, smog and all. (Although on recent visits the smog wasn’t bad)