Random Thoughts on the Shootings at the Navy Yard

I’m sorry, but I really want to write about some other stuff and I can’t until I purge my mind so here are three thoughts on these shootings.

I don’t see this as an appropriate basis for a push for gun control. Aaron Alexis took a shotgun to the Navy Yard. He got the handgun when he shot and disarmed a peace officer at the scene.

His access to the Navy Yard is a very real issue that should be addressed. Here’s a young man who was within moments of an other than honorable discharge, but because he took the early (honorable)discharge his clearance was never revoked? HP or whomever accepted his former clearance two and a half years after his discharge? In my humble opinion, that’s pretty sloppy work. Is the FBI still the lead agency on security clearances?

What is up with the Mayor and the DC cops doing the press conferences, and the FBI being the lead agency for a shooting aboard the Navy Yard? I know that Cote de Pablo is leaving the show and Mark Harman isn’t a real NCIS Special Agent, but WTF!?! Unless it’s because the FBI screwed up on Alexis’ security clearance and then it’s just them cleaning up after themselves. That would make sense.

Final side note: I’ve seen people describe Alexis as a “practicing Buddhist.” I’m not one to judge, and I’m certainly not a model for someone trying to be a practicing Buddhist, but I feel that perhaps a guy who is willing to carry a firearm and take a life to protect his material possessions is to being a practicing Buddhist as I am to being skinny, handsome, and rich.

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3 Responses to Random Thoughts on the Shootings at the Navy Yard

  1. Rain Trueax says:

    Yeah, it’s not about gun control to me but about mental illness and our unwillingness to seriously address it. We keep having these things happen and will until we recognize it’s a disease and not something to treat as it would have been in the Dark Ages.

  2. Harold says:

    True, Rain. Mostly speculation, but I doubt that he had a mental workup before he was discharged, and that may very well have been the last best chance he had to get one done. There’s a tendency to just kick the can down the road.

  3. Rain Trueax says:

    They claim he was trying to get mental health help even after he was out. I am all for gun regs. But I read about a man killed in Washington on his way home from a soccer game with his girlfriend when a stranger began stabbing her in the torso. He tried to stop it and he was killed. I’d bet anything the one doing the stabbing was mentally off. We need to deal with it. From what I heard this last shooter just had a shotgun until he killed the first security guard. If so, then it’s easy to see how stopping him from that gun even if it took it being illegal is nearly impossible but getting him help for those voices in your head. That’s where we drop the ball time and again.